Are You Ready For Some Football?!!!: The NFL Lockout Ends

Will there be a 2011 season Commisioner Goodell?

Great news football fans! Did you hear? The NFL lockout has ended. Well, for now at least. Earlier today, in St. Paul, Minnesota, US District Court Judge Susan Richard Nelson granted the players their injunction, which meant she lifted the lockout. Unfortunately for fans, the NFL immediately demanded for an appeal, which means this dispute between the players and owners is far from over.

Why did Nelson decide to lift the lockout? Nelson believed that the players presented a strong argument about how the lockout was causing “irreparable upon them”. ESPN reported that she also wrote, “The public ramifications of this dispute exceed the abstract principles of the antitrust laws, as professional football involves many layers of tangible economic impact.” No kidding. Imagine how much money the NFL would lose if there is no season this year. According to the website KGB answers, the NFL has estimated revenues of six billion dollars annually. Most of us can only dream of having that much money.

Even though it seems that the NFL is making progress to having a 2011-2012 season, there are still many issues that need to be settled. Next up is the hearing on whether or not players should receive damages from the owners over broadcast revenue. That’s on May 16th. In addition, there is the antitrust lawsuit where Tom Brady and Peyton Manning take on the owners, and the appeal on Nelson’s decision. The future of the 2011 NFL season seems grim, but at least now fans have hope.

Quotes provided by: ESPN

Image courtesy of: (Goodell)


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