“Live and Learn”: Some Mistakes You May Make in Journalism

Homer says, "Doh!"
Don't worry Homer, everyone has a "Doh!" moment. Photo Credit: Bad Haven.com

Some people say that we should learn from history. I agree. We should try to learn from our mistakes. No one wants to feel like an idiot. I compiled a list of scenarios that you may find yourself in. Try to learn from our mistakes and be prepared for the future.

Not Having Enough Space on Your Memory Card: Always bring an extra one. I prefer one 8GB card and one 4GB card. Anything less may not be enough to capture the whole interview.

Focus: Always make sure your camera is in focus. Blurry pictures are frowned upon.

Shutter Speed: When taking action shots in sports, or any shot involving motion for that matter, be sure to have a high shutter speed. Blur effects are cool sometimes, but usually people want to see a clear picture of the defining moment.

Scheduling: Make sure you have made travel arrangements in advance. Set appointments up in advance as well. If you plan on doing multiple interviews in a day, then leave plenty of time between them. Things don’t always go according to plan, and if everything is scheduled close together, then you will be left scrambling.

Jump cuts: The Free Online Dictionary defines “jump cut” as a cut to later action from one film scene to the next, creating an effect of acceleration or discontinuity. Everyone makes this mistake. It is inevitable, but after gaining experience, you will learn how to avoid it. In film and in photo slide shows, everything needs to be presented to the audience in a logical order. If the audience loses track of what’s going on, then they lose interest. For example, if a person is walking towards you, film them walking all the way towards. Don’t cut from far to close right away. This acceleration may freak out the audience, and you do not want to lose your audience.

Future journalists, you have been warned. Be ready to learn.


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